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Natural Sciences

Process Technology Cooperative Education

Course Code: CPT-226

Course Description : A cooperative work experience program whereby students are employed in technical positions to gain practical experience necessary for success in process technology. Supervision of this departmentally approved position is provided by the College through either the Natural Sciences department or the Counseling and Career Services Office through on-the-job visits and individual progress review sessions. Students are required to establish learning objectives related to their position in order to effect the attainment of specific job competencies. Students attend a bi-weekly two-hour seminar on campus and work a minimum of 90 hours per semester. Individuals must be recommended by the faculty of the Natural Sciences department and register with the Counseling and Career Services Office.

Department Description : Natural Sciences

  • Credit: 3 - 0
  • Lecture Hours: 1
  • Lab Hours: 0
  • Studio Hours: 0


CPT-100, CPT-205 plus written permission of both the department chairperson and Career and Transfer Services located on the 2nd Floor of West Hall.

Field Experience :

90 Hours

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