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History and Social Sciences

Corrections Externship

Course Code: COR-280

Course Description : A cooperative work experience program in which students enhance their skills by getting hands-on experience in county or state correctional facilities. Supervision of this departmentally approved position is provided by the College through on-the-job visits and individual progress review sessions. Students are required to describe their objectives and attain specific job skills. Students attend a biweekly, two-hour seminar on campus and work a minimum of 180 hours a semester.

Department Description : History and Social Science

  • Credit: 3 - 0
  • Lecture Hours: 2
  • Lab Hours: 6


COR-201 or COR-207 plus written permission of both the department chairperson and Career and Transfer Services located on the 2nd Floor of West Hall.

Co requisites:

COR 201 or COR 207

Degrees & Certificates
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