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Engineering Technologies

Mechanics of Materials

Course Code: CIT-253

Course Description : An engineering science level course discussing the basics of strength of materials. This is a lecture-oriented course dealing with the determination of stress resultants, analysis of stress vs. strain, analysis of statically determinate and indeterminate structures, trusses, columns and connections. Introduction to stress and deformation analysis of basic structural elements subjected to axial, torsional, bending, and pressure loads. Additional topics include area moments, conjugate beam method, deflection dude to shear, bending of unsymmetrical beams, curved beams, shear flow, shear center, stresses in open sections, theories of failure, plastic stress-strain relations, plastic deformation, limit analysis, and energy methods.

Department Description : Engineering Technologies

  • Credit: 3 - 0
  • Lecture Hours: 3
  • Lab Hours: 0



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