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Natural Sciences

Research in Chemistry

Course Code: CHM-240

Course Description : Students will engage in a scientific investigation under the guidance of a research scientist in an academic institution, including Middlesex County College. A Middlesex County College Natural Sciences Department administrator or faculty member will monitor the project. The research scientist and the MCC staff member will jointly assess the student's work. The assessment includes a minimum of 180 hours of field study. This course can be used to fulfill the SCI/MAT elective or Chemistry Elective but not both, for the Science Transfer Chemistry Program. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to external institutions.

Department Description : Natural Sciences

  • Credit: 4 - 0
  • Lecture Hours: 0
  • Lab Hours: 0
  • Studio Hours: 0


CHM-122, CHM-126 and ENG-121

Field Experience :

180 Hours

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