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Natural Sciences

Introduction to Biomolecules and Molecular Biology - Lecture

Course Code: BIO-251

Course Description : This course introduces the students to structure, functions, synthesis and degradation of biologically important macromolecules of the cell such as carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. Bioenergetics and regulation of metabolic pathways will be discussed. The interrelationship between the metabolic pathways and genetic defects will be emphasized. The course will focus on molecular biology, including the metabolism of DNA and RNA and regulation of gene expression.

Department Description : Natural Sciences

  • Credit: 3 - 0
  • Lecture Hours: 3
  • Lab Hours: 0


CHM-221, CHM-227, BIO-123 and BIO-124

Co requisites:

CHM 222, CHM 228 and BIO 252

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