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Algebra II - Support

Course Code: MAT-014S

Course Description : Algebra II - Support, MAT 014S, is a supplemental course that provides individualized, differentiated, highly focused instruction in selected skill sets designed to support the student's progress in Algebra II. Elementary algebra topics include: integer, rational, and irrational numbers; techniques of graphing and solving linear equations; polynomials and their operations; special products and factoring; rational expressions; radical expressions; quadratic equations and methods of solutions. Applications of linear and quadratic equations are included, as well. A minimum grade of "C" is required in MAT 014S and MAT 014 for advancement to the next mathematics course, MAT 116, MAT 123, MAT 129, or MAT 129A.

Department Description : Mathematics

  • Credit: 1 - 1
  • Lecture Hours: 0
  • Lab Hours: 2


Appropriate Score on the College Placement Test or Departmental Approval.

Co requisites:


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