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Natural Sciences

Fire Science Hydraulics

Course Code: FSC-213

Course Description : Fire Science Hydraulics will introduce the student to the study of water and its movement as it relates to fire suppression. The information gained in this class will provide a Fire Pump Operator with in depth understanding of fire hydrant hydraulics. The application of mathematics and the physics of principles of Archimedes, Bernoulli, Newton, and Boyle will be explained in relation to Fire Department operations. Community water supply and fire flow demand as well as water distribution systems will be examined. Various types of fire pumps, both fixed and as found aboard fire pumping apparatus and their design features, will be discussed. In addition, effective fire streams, fire hose, nozzles, and appliances will be outlined. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to apply relevant theories to problem solve the principles that affect water at rest and in motion, for almost every conceivable fire ground application.

Department Description : Natural Sciences

  • Credit: 3 - 0
  • Lecture Hours: 3.0
  • Lab Hours: 0.0
  • Studio Hours: 0.0


FSC-103 or Fire Fighter I certification and MAT-107 or higher level math course.

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