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Course A-Z


Course Code Course Name Credit
HCD-101 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry 3
HCD-102 Food and Cooking Fundamentals 3
HCD-104 Hospitality Technologies 1
HCD-105 Basic Nutrition 3
HCD-106 Baking Fundamentals 3
HCD-108 Foodservice Sanitation 3
HCD-112 Quantity Food Production and Menu Design 3
HCD-114 Professional Culinary Techniques 3
HCD-116 Professional Pastry Techniques 3
HCD-118 Cakes, Decorating and Specialty Techniques 3
HCD-124 Food Business Research and Planning 3
HCD-125 Management and Leadership in the Hospitality Industry 3
HCD-126 Global Cuisines 3
HCD-130 Garde Manger 3
HCD-151 Introduction to Dietetic Technology 1
HCD-152 Tools and Techniques of the Nutrition Care Process 1
HCD-155 Supervised Field Experience: Nutrition Care 3
HCD-200 Culinary Nutrition 3
HCD-201 Hotel Front Office Operations 3
HCD-203 Hospitality Facilities Management and Design 3
HCD-204 Seminar and Cooperative Work Experience 3
HCD-206 Food Purchasing and Cost Controls 3
HCD-207 Marketing for the Hospitality Industry 3
HCD-209 Law for Hospitality Operations 3
HCD-211 Training Development in Hospitality Management 3
HCD-216 Beverage Management 3
HCD-224 Baking and Pastry Arts Externship 3
HCD-225 Culinary Arts Externship 3
HCD-230 Banquet and Dining Room Management 4
HCD-240 Food Science and Technology 3
HCD-241 Introduction to Medical Nutrition Therapy 3
HCD-243 Food Service Systems Management in Dietetics 3
HCD-245 Nutrition Throughout the Life Span 3
HCD-247 Nutrition Fundamentals for Nursing 3
HCD-256 Supervised Field Experience: Foodservice Systems Management 4
HCD-257 Supervised Field Experience: Clinical, Community, Foodservice 4
HCD-259 Seminar in Dietetic Technology 1
HCS-121 Introduction to Homeland Security 3
HCS-122 Fundamentals of Emergency Management 3
HCS-201 Introduction to Intelligence Function 3
HCS-202 Risk Management and Analysis 3
HCS-210 Organizational Behavior and Management in Law Enforcement 3
HCS-220 Domestic and International Terrorism 3
HED-150 Contemporary Health Issues 3
HED-200 Human Sexuality and Family Life 3
HED-205 Nutrition for the Active Person 3
HED-EL1 HED Elective 3
HIN-121 Elementary Hindi I 3
HIN-122 Elementary Hindi II 3
HIS-121 History of Western Civilization I 3
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