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Course A-Z


Course Code Course Name Credit
ESL-088 Writing and Structure Level 3 5
ESL-097 Reading and Speaking Level 4 5
ESL-098 Writing and Structure Level 4 5
FIN-113 Personal Finance 3
FMR-201 Fashion Merchandise Information 4
FMR-202 Retail Buying and Merchandising 3
FMR-204 Retail Management 3
FMR-206 Store Field Experience 3
FMR-207 Retail Advertising, Sales Promotion and Display 3
FRE-121 Elementary French I 3
FRE-122 Elementary French II 3
FRE-221 Intermediate French I 3
FRE-222 Intermediate French II 3
FRE-224 Contemporary French Literature 3
FRE-228 French Civilization and Culture 3
FRE-231 French Conversation and Composition I 3
FRE-232 French Conversation and Composition II 3
FSC-103 Introduction to Fire Protection 3
FSC-204 Building Construction 3
FSC-206 Fire Strategy and Tactics 3
FSC-207 Hazardous Materials 3
FSC-209 Fire Suppression and Detection Systems 3
FSC-210 Fire and Arson Investigation 3
FSC-212 Fire Prevention and Inspection 3
FSC-213 Fire Science Hydraulics 3
FSC-214 Rescue Company Operations in the Fire Service 3
GAM-218 3D Modeling and Animation Foundations 3
GAM-219 Game Design Foundations 3
GAM-222 Animation Workshop 3
GAM-223 Game Design Workshop 3
GAM-280 Portfolio 3
GE MathSci GE Mathematics or Science Elective 3
GE Program Elective GE Program Elective 3
GE SS GE Social Science Elective 3
GE-MST GE Technology Elective 3
GEN-EL1 GE Elective 3
General Education Psychology Elective General Education Psychology Elective 3
GER-121 Elementary German I 3
GER-122 Elementary German II 3
GER-221 Intermediate German I 3
GER-222 Intermediate German II 3
GER-224 Modern German Literature 3
GER-228 German Culture and Civilization 3
GER-231 German Conversation and Composition I 3
GER-232 German Conversation and Composition II 3
GESCI General Education Science Elective 0
GLS-121 Introduction to Global Studies 3
GLS-123 Global Terrorism 3
GLS-131 World Geography 3
HCD Elective HCD Elective 3
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