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Course A-Z


Course Code Course Name Credit
ENG-215 Science Fiction 3
ENG-220 Detective Fiction 3
ENG-221 English Literature I 3
ENG-222 English Literature II 3
ENG-225 World Literature I 3
ENG-226 World Literature II 3
ENG-227 Literature of Black America 3
ENG-228 Modern British and American Poetry 3
ENG-233 Introduction to the Novel 3
ENG-234 Introduction to Shakespeare 3
ENG-235 Creative Writing I 3
ENG-236 Creative Writing II 3
ENG-237 Advanced Writing Workshop 3
ENG-238 Technical Writing 3
ENG-239 Women in Literature 3
ENG-240 Business Communication 3
ENG-243 Literature of the U.S.: Beginnings to 1880 3
ENG-244 Literature of the U.S.: 1880 to 1945 3
ENG-245 Literature of the U.S.: World War II to Present 3
ENG-247 Introduction to Poetry 3
ENG-248 Introduction to Short Fiction 3
ENG-249 Biography and Autobiography 3
ENG-250 Gay and Lesbian Literature 3
ENG-253 Mythology in Literature 3
ENG-254 Literature and Film 3
ENG-255 Introduction to Film 3
ENG-257 The Literature of Evil 3
ENG-258 Modern Dramatic Literature 3
ENG-260 Scriptwriting 3
ENG-262 Cinema History 3
ENG-263 Survey of American Cinema 3
ENG-264 Survey of World Cinema 3
ENG-265 Survey of Great Cinema Directors 3
ENR-106 Introduction to Solving Engineering Problems Using Computers 3
ESL-067 Reading and Speaking Level 1 5
ESL-068 Writing and Structure Level 1 5
ESL-077 Reading and Speaking Level 2 5
ESL-078 Writing and Structure Level 2 5
ESL-086 Phonology 3
ESL-087 Reading and Speaking Level 3 5
ESL-088 Writing and Structure Level 3 5
ESL-097 Reading and Speaking Level 4 5
ESL-098 Writing and Structure Level 4 5
FIN-113 Personal Finance 3
FMR-201 Fashion Merchandise Information 4
FMR-202 Retail Buying and Merchandising 3
FMR-204 Retail Management 3
FMR-206 Store Field Experience 3
FMR-207 Retail Advertising, Sales Promotion and Display 3
FRE-121 Elementary French I 3
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