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Course A-Z


Course Code Course Name Credit
DHY-102 Dental Radiology 3
DHY-107 Preventive Oral Health Services I 4
DHY-108 Preventive Oral Health Services II 5
DHY-111 Nutrition and Oral Health 2
DHY-114 Dental Materials 2
DHY-115 Periodontology 2
DHY-116 Oral Histology and Embryology 1
DHY-117 Head and Neck Anatomy 2
DHY-118 Dental Anatomy 2
DHY-203 General and Oral Pathology 2
DHY-207 Dental Health Education 2
DHY-208 Pharmacology 2
DHY-210 Community Health 2
DHY-211 Preventive Oral Health Services III 5
DHY-212 Preventive Oral Health Services IV 5
DHY-215 Advanced Periodontology 1
DHY-218 Local Anesthesia and Pain Control 2
DHY-224 Dental Hygiene Seminar 1
DMA-218 Graphics for Web Design 3
DMA-219 Typography for Web Design 3
DMA-222 Web Animation and Interactive Media 3
DMA-223 Website Design and Layout 3
DMA-280 Portfolio 3
ECO-201 Principles of Economics I 3
ECO-202 Principles of Economics II 3
EDU-121 Introduction to Education 3
EDU-122 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3
EDU-123 Introduction to Special Education and Exceptional Youth 3
EDU-208 Creative Activities for Young Children 3
EDU-280 Education Field Experience 3
ELT-105 Foundations of Electrical and Electronics Technology 4
ELT-109 Programming for Technicians and Engineers 3
ELT-110 Electrical/Electronics Devices and Circuits 4
ELT-111 Digital Electronics 3
ELT-210 Electronic Circuits and Systems 4
ELT-221 Electric Circuits I 4
ELT-222 Electric Circuits II 4
ELT-223 Electronic Design and Manufacturing 2
ELT-224 Communication Electronics 3
ELT-226 Microcomputers 3
ELT-231 Digital Logic Circuits and Systems 4
ELT-239 Digital/Data Communications and Networking 3
ENG-010 Writing Skills for College II 3
ENG-010S Writing Skills for College II - Support 1
ENG-0121S English Composition I - Support 1
ENG-080 English Workshop 3
ENG-121 English Composition I 3
ENG-122 English Composition II 3
ENG-212 Children\'s Literature 3
ENG-214 Journalism/Writing Field Experience 3
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