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Course A-Z


Course Code Course Name Credit
CPT-214 Process Technology Troubleshooting 3
CPT-216 Process Control 4
CPT-226 Process Technology Cooperative Education 3
CSC-060 Introduction to Personal Computing 3
CSC-105 Computer Applications and Systems 3
CSC-106 Intermediate PC Applications with Programming 3
CSC-107 Computers in Health Technologies 1
CSC-108 Introduction to Internet Applications 2
CSC-110 Microcomputer Operating Systems and Architecture 3
CSC-112 Introduction to Business Information Systems 3
CSC-116 Introduction to Information Systems Security 3
CSC-118 Introduction to Web Technologies 3
CSC-125 Web Markup Languages 3
CSC-126 Help Desk Customer Service 3
CSC-127 Help Desk Operation 3
CSC-130 Computers, Society and Ethics 3
CSC-133 Introduction to Computer Science Using C++ 4
CSC-134 Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ 4
CSC-161 Introduction to Computer Science Using Java 4
CSC-162 Object-Oriented Programming Using Java 4
CSC-166 C++ Programming 3
CSC-200 Telecommunications and Networks 3
CSC-205 Computer Science Work Experience I 3
CSC-206 Computer Science Work Experience II 3
CSC-208 Visual BASIC Programming 4
CSC-211 Programming in JAVA 4
CSC-225 Systems Analysis and Design 3
CSC-235 Data Structures 4
CSC-236 Data Structures in Java 4
CSC-239 Database Concepts 3
CSC-241 Web Programming 4
CSC-243 Advanced Programming in C 3
CSC-244 C++ For C Programmers 4
CSC-245 LINUX/UNIX and Shell Programming 4
CSC-246 LINUX/UNIX and Web Server Administration 3
CSC-248 PC Service and Support 3
CSC-251 Windows Workstation Administration 3
CSC-252 Windows Server Administration 3
CSC-258 Computer Forensics 3
CSC-261 Information Technology Management 3
CSC-263 Computer Organization and Architecture I 3
CSC-264 Computer Organization and Architecture II 3
CSC-266 C#.NET Programming 4
CSC-267 Advanced C#.NET Programming 4
CSC-268 ASP.NET Programming 4
CSC-269 ADO.NET Programming 4
DAN-131 Elements of Dance 3
DAN-132 Dance Appreciation 3
DAN-201 Methods and Modern Techniques in Dance 3
DAN-202 Improvisation and Composition 3
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