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Course Code Course Name Credit
BUS-250 Seminar in Event Planning Management 3
BUS-EL1 Business Elective 3
CHM-010 Basic Chemistry for Health Science Students 4
CHM-020 Basic Chemistry for Science Transfers 4
CHM-107 Principles of General, Organic and Biochemistry 4
CHM-117 Chemistry I 4
CHM-118 Chemistry II 4
CHM-121 General Chemistry I - Lecture 3
CHM-122 General Chemistry II - Lecture 3
CHM-125 General Chemistry I - Lab 1
CHM-126 General Chemistry II - Lab 1
CHM-201 Principles of Organic Chemistry 4
CHM-202 Biochemistry 4
CHM-221 Organic Chemistry I - Lecture 3
CHM-222 Organic Chemistry II - Lecture 3
CHM-227 Organic Chemistry I - Lab 1
CHM-228 Organic Chemistry II - Lab 1
CHM-230 Analytical Chemistry 4
CHM-240 Research in Chemistry 4
CHN-121 Elementrary Chinese I 3
CHN-122 Elementary Chinese II 3
CIT-104 Construction Surveying I 3
CIT-105 Statics for Technicians 3
CIT-125 Construction Estimating 2
CIT-126 Advanced Civil Drawing/CAD-II 3
CIT-151 Urban and Suburban Development 3
CIT-203 Strength of Materials 4
CIT-205 Construction Surveying II 3
CIT-212 Water Resources Technology 4
CIT-216 Soil Mechanics 4
CIT-217 Structural Design 4
CIT-218 Steel Design 3
CIT-219 Reinforced Concrete Design 3
CIT-252 Boundary Law 3
CIT-253 Mechanics of Materials 3
CIT-260 Civil/Construction Design Project 2
CJU-123 Criminal Justice I 3
CJU-124 Criminal Justice II 3
COM-105 Introduction to Communication Study 3
COM-110 Interpersonal Communication 3
COM-115 Intercultural Communication 3
COM-120 Introduction to Public Relations 3
COM-121 Mass Communication Study 3
COM-131 Broadcasting and Social Media 3
COM-208 Communication Seminar and Field Experience 3
COM-210 Radio Broadcasting Production 3
COR-201 Introduction to Correction Administration 3
COR-207 Correctional Institutions 3
COR-280 Corrections Externship 3
CPS-041 Strategies for Success 3
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