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Course A-Z


Course Code Course Name Credit
SCI-120 Introduction to Sustainability 3
SCI-155 Introduction to Geology 4
SCI-157 Introduction to Meteorology 4
SCI-158 Planetary Astronomy 4
SCI-160 Essentials of Oceanography 4
SCI-164 Historical Geology 4
SCI-204 Concepts of Physical Science 3
SCI-206 Introduction to Forensic Science 3
SCI-207 Principles of Fire Protection Chemistry and Physics 4
SCI-210 Environmental Geology 4
SCI-216 Current Issues and Opportunities in Lab Technology 1
SCI-217 Environmental Health Hazards 3
SCI-218 Critical Issues in Air and Water Pollution 4
SCI-219 Global Environmental Issues 4
SCI-220 Forensic Science 4
SCI-222 Principles of Occupational Safety and Health 3
SCI-224 Atmospheric Pollution Control 3
SCI-226 Environmental Issues in Our Diverse Society 3
SCI-256 Stellar and Galactic Astronomy 4
SCI-258 Climatology 3
Science Elective Science Elective 0
Science/Mathematics Program Elective Science/Mathematics Program Elective 4
SOC-121 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC-122 Social Institutions 3
SOC-123 Introduction to Anthropology 3
SOC-131 Contemporary Social Problems 3
SOC-140 Introduction to Criminology 3
SOC-141 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare Policy 3
SOC-205 Diversity and Multiculturalism in U.S. Society 3
SOC-210 Methods of Casework and Counseling 3
SOC-217 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I 3
SOC-218 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II 3
SOC-222 Political Sociology 3
SOC-223 Power, Privilege and Class 3
SOC-224 Marriage and the Family 3
SOC-225 Juvenile Delinquency 3
SOC-231 Indians of the Americas 3
SOC-234 Sociology of Work and Organizations 3
SOC-240 Perspectives on Sexual Identity 3
Sociology Elective Sociology Elective 3
SPA-121 Elementary Spanish I 3
SPA-122 Elementary Spanish II 3
SPA-124 Conversational Spanish 3
SPA-210 Spanish for Hispanics 3
SPA-221 Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPA-222 Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPA-223 Main Currents in Hispanic Literature 3
SPA-224 Contemporary Hispanic Literature 3
SPA-226 Hispanic Civilization (Ibero-American) 3
SPA-228 Spanish Civilization and Culture (Iberian) 3
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