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Course Code Course Name Credit
PSY-223 Child Psychology: Infancy through Adolescence 3
PSY-226 Educational Psychology 3
PSY-227 Psychology of Persons with Disabilities 3
PSY-232 Lifespan Development 3
PSY-234 Psychology of Death and Dying 3
PSY-235 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY-244 Business and Industrial Psychology 3
PSY-251 Substance Abuse: Pharmacology 3
PSY-252 Community and Agency Counseling 3
PSY-255 Adolescent Psychology 3
PSY-257 Counseling Theories and Techniques 3
PSY-260 Psychology Field Experience 3
PSY-264 Addiction Counseling 3
PSY-265 Addiction Studies Practicum 3
PSY-270 Adult Development and Aging 3
PSY-EL1 Psychology Elective 3
RAD-128 Basic Medical Principles 4
RAD-139 Radiation Protection and Biology 2
RAD-141 Radiographic Positioning, Anatomy and Pathology I 2
RAD-142 Radiographic Positioning Laboratory I 1
RAD-143 Radiographic Positioning, Anatomy and Pathology II 2
RAD-144 Radiographic Positioning Laboratory II 1
RAD-145 Radiographic Positioning, Anatomy and Pathology III 3
RAD-146 Radiographic Positioning Laboratory III 1
RAD-171 Radiographic Imaging and Science I 4
RAD-172 Radiographic Imaging and Science II 2
RAD-190 Clinical Orientation 1
RAD-210 Clinical Practicum I 2
RAD-220 Clinical Practicum II 2
RAD-230 Clinical Practicum III 2
RAD-247 Radiographic Positioning, Anatomy and Pathology IV 2
RAD-248 Radiographic Positioning Laboratory IV 1
RAD-250 Clinical Practicum IV 3
RAD-256 Radiographic Seminar I 2
RAD-257 Radiographic Seminar II 2
RAD-260 Clinical Practicum V 3
RAD-275 Radiographic Physics and Equipment Maintenance 3
RAD-285 Advanced Radiographic Imaging 2
RDG-011 Reading Skills for College II 3
RDG-011S Reading Skills for College II - Support 1
RDG-080 Reading Workshop 3
SBM-110 Accounting for Small Business 4
SBM-120 Small Business Management 3
SBM-130 Marketing and Sales for Small Business 3
SBM-210 Advertising and Promotion for Small Business 3
SBM-220 Leadership and Supervision 3
SBM-230 Risk and Financial Management 3
SBM-240 Cooperative Education/Internship in Small Business 3
SBM-250 Seminar in Entrepreneurial Studies 3
SCI-116 Introduction to Renewable Energy 3
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