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Course A-Z


Course Code Course Name Credit
ACC-101 Financial Accounting 4
ACC-102 Managerial Accounting 4
ACC-108 Accounting Practices for Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions 4
ACC-202 Cost Accounting 4
ACC-206 Tax Accounting 3
ACC-207 Auditing 3
ACC-208 Accounting Field Experience 3
ACC-211 Intermediate Accounting I 4
ACC-212 Intermediate Accounting II 4
ACC-221 Fraud Examination 3
ACC-222 Fraud Data Analysis 3
ACC-223 Fraud and the Law 3
ACC-224 Advanced Fraud Examination 3
AFS-121 Introduction to African-American Studies 3
AFS-123 Introduction to African Civilizations 3
AFS-231 African-American History 3
AGD-212 Advertising Design 3
AGD-213 Typography 3
AGD-214 Print Production 3
AGD-219 Digital Graphics 3
AGD-222 Media Art and Design Field Experience 3
AGD-280 Portfolio 3
ART-104 History of Photography 3
ART-105 Introduction to Art 3
ART-109 Drawing 3
ART-110 Figure Drawing 3
ART-115 Survey of Non-Western Art 3
ART-120 Survey of American Art 3
ART-123 Art History: Ancient to Renaissance 3
ART-124 Art History: Renaissance to Modern 3
ART-125 Art History: Modern and Contemporary 3
ART-145 Art Fundamentals: Two Dimensions 3
ART-146 Art Fundamentals: Three Dimensions 3
ART-148 Art Portfolio Workshop 1
ART-149 Art Studio Seminar 1
ART-150 Introduction to Mixed Media 3
ART-201 Ceramics: Hand-Building 3
ART-202 Ceramics: Wheel-Throwing 3
ART-205 Advanced Ceramics Workshop 3
ART-208 Art Seminar and Co-Op Education Work Experience 3
ART-219 Graphic Arts: Traditional 3
ART-220 Graphic Arts: Contemporary 3
ART-221 Painting: Traditional 3
ART-222 Painting: Contemporary 3
ART-223 Sculpture: Traditional 3
ART-224 Sculpture: Contemporary 3
ASL-121 American Sign Language I 3
ASL-122 American Sign Language II 3
ASL-221 Intermediate American Sign Language I 3
ASL-223 Deaf Culture and History 3
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