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Radiographic Imaging and Science II

Radiographic Imaging and Science II

Course Code: RAD-172

Course Description : A continuation of Radiographic Imaging and Science I designed to build upon previous objectives and introduce additional concepts and practices in equipment operation and maintenance as well as image production and evaluation. Film/screen combinations, sensitometry, exposure systems, automatic exposure control devices, mobile radiography and fluoroscopy are discussed and analyzed. Students learn to analyze the radiograph image with focus upon the interaction of various radiographic factors such as density, contrast, detail and distortion.

Department Description : Radiography Education

  • Credit: 2 - 0
  • Lecture Hours: 2
  • Lab Hours: 0


RAD-128, RAD-141, RAD-142, RAD-171 and RAD-190

Co requisites:

RAD 139, RAD 143, RAD 144 and RAD 210

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