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Intermediate PC Applications with Programming

Intermediate PC Applications with Programming

Course Code: CSC-106

General Education Categories: GE MST

Course Description : This course introduces students to a problem solving approach to computer applications through the use of spreadsheets, database, presentation manager, a programming language and Internet skills. It emphasizes Visual Basic and Microsoft Excel, in addition to surveying fundamental computer concepts and is designed for students who already possess a familiarity with computer applications. It is recommended for students planning to transfer to an upper division college that has a computer programming requirement in its computer literacy course. This course is suitable for liberal arts, science transfer and business transfer students who wish to transfer to a university and complete their bachelor,s degree.

Department Description : Computer Science and Information Technology

  • Credit: 3
  • Lecture Hours: 1
  • Lab Hours: 4


CSC-105 or CSC-107 or IDC-102 and MAT-014 or appropriate score on the College placement test

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