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Construction Estimating

Construction Estimating

Course Code: CIT-125

Course Description : An introduction to drawing and quantity takeoff with related material and labor costs used in the construction industry. Students will examine and interpret construction drawings to determine quantities and related costs of materials and labor. Topics will include: area and volume calculations, use of engineering scales, material costs, labor costs, overhead and profit. Laboratory projects reinforce the lecture material and emphasize proper estimating procedures and format. The students will be exposed to Microsoft Excel in preparation of the material and cost summaries. Students will prepare a quantity estimate for a small construction project. Basic discussions will be presented for cost estimating of residential and commercial construction projects. Unit cost estimating will be incorporated in the proposed estimate. Specifications and specification standards will be reviewed as set forth by the CSI.

Department Description : Engineering Technologies

  • Credit: 2
  • Lecture Hours: 0
  • Lab Hours: 4
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